Travis Barker Talks New Blink-182 Music


Despite releasing the best album of their career only a few months ago, Blink-182 has no problem gearing up to come out with new music already. In fact, drummer Travis Barker shared that the band has intentions on dropping some new songs in the near future.

In an interview with Radio X, Barker says that Blink will be hitting the studio in just a couple of weeks to record material for an upcoming deluxe version of their recent number one record, California. It’s interesting that what will be added to the deluxe will be brand new music, because they could have totally gotten away with just tacking on some songs that were leftover from the California sessions. Of course, the songs that get recorded may have been written a while ago, but the fact that they’re taking the time to record now might result in some spark that wasn’t there before.

It also leads one to wonder who will be producing these tracks – if it’s California collaborator John Feldmann, you can probably expect a poppy vibe akin to their latest single, “She’s Out Of Her Mind,” but if Feldmann is tied up in other projects, maybe they just go the route of self-producing – something they did with 2012’s EP, Dogs Eating Dogs. Newly written songs or not, Blink-182 is clearly re-energized like they’ve never been before, and hopefully the deluxe edition of California ends up showcasing that even more.