Twenty One Pilots Share Cover Of My Chemical Romance’s “Cancer”


Next month will mark ten years since My Chemical Romance released their now-iconic album, The Black Parade. With songs like “Teenagers” and “Famous Last Words,” the record has cemented itself as an essential album within the genre, so obviously, it’s cause for celebration. Rock Sound Magazine will be releasing a tribute album for The Black Parade, featuring various artists covering each one of the songs on the record, and today we get to hear Twenty One Pilots’ rendition of “Cancer.”

My Chemical Romance’s “Cancer” is a heartbreaking song to begin with, and probably one of the most emotional songs in the band’s catalog. Somehow, Twenty One Pilots have managed to make the song even darker than it already is, and nobody could have taken the track over better than they did. With electronic elements in place of the original’s steady drum beat and strings, this new “Cancer” keeps its simplicity while expanding on what made My Chemical Romance’s version so good.

Rock Sound Presents: The Black Parade will be included in their tribute issue to The Black Parade when it’s available on September 14th. Joining Twenty One Pilots, some of the other contributions on the compilation include Escape The Fate covering “Dead!” and Asking Alexandria taking over “Famous Last Words.”

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