Two More Kanye West Songs Leaked

Kanye West’s new album is just around the corner (November 22). As expected, a lot of the tracks have already leaked or been released. In fact, we’ve now heard 7 of the 9 confirmed songs. Last week it was only 5 of 9 but then ‘All Of The Lights’ and ‘Lost In The World’ leaked. 

Kanye seems to be on a roll these days. Almost all of his GOOD Friday songs and all of the leaked/released songs from his upcoming album have been great and now we get two more superb tracks.

‘All Of The Lights’ features Drake and ‘Lost In The World’ features Justin Vernon of Bon Iver. Out of the two I think I like ‘All Of The Lights’ better, despite its short runtime. They’re both solid songs and are certainly worth a listen.

The way things are going now, it looks like we’ll have heard the entire album before it drops. Judging by the 7 tracks that we’ve heard, I think this album could be a winner.

Check out the tracks below. It should also be noted that Kanye has spoken out on the leaked tracks and has said that they aren’t complete.

All Of The Lights (ft. Drake)

[audio:|titles=All of the Lights (ft. Drake)]

Lost In The World (ft. Justin Vernon)

[audio:|titles=Lost In The World (ft. Justin Vernon)]