Vassy Teases Possibility Of Future Collab With The Chainsmokers


After a monumentally successful year, The Chainsmokers have been learning the downside of being the center of attention this week following some controversial statements. They’ve faced some heat over comments about Lady Gage and Rihanna in their recent Rolling Stone interview, with Alex and Drew stating they prefer working with lesser known vocalists because they view them as more driven. The backlash is followed suit with rumors about the duo’s next vocal collaborator, as rising Australian star Vassy teases the possibility in a new video.

Vassy is an accomplished artist in her own right and her popularity is quickly growing, making her the perfect candidate for one of the duo’s radio friendly dance tunes. Talking with Brian Fink of 93.3 FLZ in a new video, the singer reveals she’s in talks with the producers behind “Closer” before dropping an impromptu rendition of the catchy single.

Talking about the potential collaboration, Vassy comments that they’ve been “going back and forth” about the possibility of working on a song together, but states that The Chainsmokers haven’t been keen on any of her ideas yet. Hopefully the three musicians can get the creative juices flowing and pump out a single together, as it would certainly be a hit.