Velocity By OLWIK Was Made For An Action Movie Soundtrack


It’s been so long since we’ve heard an original track come from OLWIK‘s camp that I almost forgot what the Swedish DJ/producer even sounded like. He held us over with a couple of remixes over the past several months, but he’s finally delivered “Velocity” – a fast-paced, high-energy progressive house track that unapologetically makes you tap your feet.

That said, the track does go a bit overboard with campy gimmicks that distract from the arrangement as a whole. In addition to the strong, driving synth lead that serves as a melodic centerpiece to the main stage-friendly production, OLWIK added a series of breaking glass sound effects that hit too frequently to be tasteful. If you can mentally filter them out, though, the track has a lot to offer – it’s just that you shouldn’t really have to in the first place.

Nonetheless, “Velocity” makes us hopeful that we can expect more originals from OLWIK in the coming months.

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