Vicetone Teams Up With Youngblood Hawke On “Landslide”


Following up on their Grace Grundy collaboration “Kaleidoscope” from last month, Vicetone are back today to offer up their latest single. Pairing up with rock band Youngblood Hawke, the Dutch production duo offer up a reworked version of one of the group’s B-Sides, delivering an indie flavored dance cut titled “Landslide.”

“Landslide” kicks off with a gentle piano melody before some captivating vocals courtesy of Youngblood Hawke arrive full force. After a brief build-up, Vicetone offer up some unique drops complete with bluesy guitar notes played over straight forward beats and reverb drenched ambience. Moving into the bridge, drifting synth melodies echo in the distance, creating a calm before the storm as Vicetone and Youngblood Hawke cycle through the chorus and drop one last time.

Talking about how “Landslide” came to fruition, Youngblood Hawke reveal that the song’s fate was uncertain until Vicetone tried their hand at the production.

We had a batch of songs that we were really passionate about, but for some reason or another didn’t fit with the direction of our next album. They took “Landslide” and breathed new life into it.

Overall, “Landslide” arrives as an enticing tune with a decidedly human vibe compared to the average EDM track. Considering that it began as a rejected song by Youngblood Hawke, it’s interesting to hear what Vicetone are able to do with it as they transform the source material into a soaring rock influenced dance effort.