Vicetone Team Up With Grace Grundy On New Single “Kaleidoscope”


Following up on their excellent remix of The Weekend’s collaboration with Daft Punk on “Starboy” last month, Vicetone are back to offer up their latest original single. For the new effort, the Dutch DJ duo have enlisted rising singer Grace Grundy to contribute some top notch vocal hooks on “Kaleidoscope.”

The track opens gently with a heart tugging piano melody and icy ambience, as Grace Grundy contributes some angelic vocals over the sparse instrumentation. Echoed percussion and a string section join the mix, as Vicetone work the energy up into the first drop. Four on the floor rhythms explode as Grundy’s voice is transformed into a cascading melody, while a barrage of splashy synth notes keep things moving.

Vicetone‘s latest single is a solid offering from the duo, who craft an enticing production around the song’s vocals. “Kaleidoscope” manages to satisfy in more ways than one, delivering heartfelt emotion throughout the verses while packing enough of a punch in the drops to get the crowds moving.

“Kaleidoscope” is available now via Spinnin’ Records and can be found here.