Watch Jimmy Eat World Put Acoustic Spin On “Sure And Certain”


With their new songs, Jimmy Eat World are proving that they’ve still got it in terms of quality. After over a decade of albums, you’d think we’ve seen it all from them, but as years go by, they continue to pull new and interesting things out from their sleeves. The band is dropping their ninth full-length album, Integrity Blues, on October 21st, and to celebrate, they just released a video of them performing their single, “Sure and Certain,” acoustically.

“Sure and Certain,” which debuted back in August, is arguably one of the best lead singles that Jimmy Eat World has ever had, formulating a rock sound around bigger pop sensibilities. The acoustic version strips down the song entirely, and brings it back into a setting that the band has always managed to strive in. With great harmonies and a pitch perfect performance by frontman Jim Adkins, this gorgeous rendition of “Sure and Certain” makes you wonder why the band doesn’t make acoustic versions for all their songs.

Besides “Sure and Certain,” the “The Middle” rockers have unveiled a number of Integrity Blues songs thus far, including “Get Right” and “You With Me.” Whether the tracks are electric or acoustic, Jimmy Eat World have made themselves out to be masters of variation.