WATCH: Lizzo finally drops ‘About Damn Time’ right on time


Delivering the goods as promised, Lizzo has — at long last and seemingly just in time — delivered the goods. The Rapper/Singer/Flutist’s new single, “About Damn Time,” has dropped and is now available to stream, or watch on YouTube.

The video starts off with Lizzo, dressed in a no-muss gray sweatsuit and a no-fuss natural “no makeup” look, attending a “stressed and sexy” self-help workshop taking place in the classroom of a high school. When the singer is asked to share a poem about something that makes her feel stressed, and something that makes her feel sexy, she runs out into the hall, takes a deep breath, and lets the hotness begin.

“About Damn Time” is a hot disco track, and the video does its best to match the verve of Lizzo as she relights the entire high school in rainbow colors, even adding a light-up dance floor. Not to mention a swimming pool sequence straight out of classic Hollywood with Lizzo hitting the flute while surrounded by water dancers. Lizzo probably just dropped the hot track of the summer of ’22. Don’t sleep on it.