Go Behind The Throne In New Documentary

Directed by Robert Lopuski and released today in full is the behind the scenes documentary of Watch The Throne, 2011’s collaboration album between Jay-Z and Kanye West. Though the mini-doc surfaced online last year, it was removed shortly after it appeared.

Now, fans have the chance to watch it in full and though it only lasts roughly ten minutes, it’s an interesting and intimate look at how the duo put together their hit album.

While speaking on the video, Lopuski said:

“I knew they didn’t want to do traditional interviews, so I’d turn on the audio recorder on my cell phone, and at the dinner table, put it on my knee and be like, so Jay… and then record a quick interview that way. There had to be a little subterfuge. Of course with the best intentions!

“So much was happening, in such an off-the-cuff kind of way, that I found myself using whatever tools was available. Many times, I would use my cell phone if I had to. There was a lot of use of flip video, iPhone and piece of shit little cameras in that piece. I’d get access without the equipment, and so, once I was inside and they felt comfortable, I used whatever tool I could, which was usually little consumer-grade cameras.

“It wasn’t until Kanye and I built a rapport on the side that I think he started becoming interested in having me around. I basically spoke freely and challenged what was being made and why.”

You can check out the documentary below, if you wish. It’s nothing groundbreaking but if you’re a fan of the album, or Kanye West and Jay-Z in general, I’d say it’s worth seeing.

Give it a watch and let us know what you think of the Watch The Throne mini-doc.