The Chainsmokers Debut A Soothing New ID At #Fest

It’s not like The Chainsmokers haven’t been putting out fast-paced music lately. In recent years, though, they’ve accomplished more with softer productions like “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Inside Out,” but the track they just debuted at #Fest in Athens, OH could almost double as background music for a guided meditation cassette tape.

To be fair, it’s not that the ID doesn’t sound like a track by The Chainsmokers – it’s just that it also sounds like something that the soft rock band Toto might have released in the early ’80s. Then again, you can see in the video that the monitors aren’t facing towards the person recording the video because of where they’re standing backstage, so you can’t rule out poor sound quality for the track sounding a bit unusual.

Once a high-quality version of The Chainsmokers‘ new ID comes out, it will almost surely prove a fitting addition to their discography – that is, if their current trajectory as artists is any indicator. In the meantime, though, look out for more placement of the track in their DJ sets as they continue the North American leg of their tour.