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A recently retired Witcher has sparked debate among ‘House of the Dragon’ fans

With all the news swirling around Henry Cavill right now, fans are wondering what role he could play if he were to enter Westeros.

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Is this a case of out of the pan and into the fire for Henry Cavill? While the shocking news that the actor will be stepping down from The Witcher yesterday broke hearts everywhere, many were already contemplating seeing Cavill in another epic fantasy setting, this time in House of the Dragon.

Now it already looks like Cavill has put these rumors to bed, speaking to MTV’s Josh Horowitz at 92nd Street Y he talked about how he enjoyed the show stating “I enjoyed that enormously, I think the writing was fantastic.” He went on to praise the lighting team and the cast saying, “the character performances were incredible, it’s an incredible show.”

When Horowitz brought up the rumors circling his involvement in the next season Cavill’s response was “I think it would be cool to be in Westeros, I really do. I don’t think there is a place for me in there though.” Despite Cavill’s deep love for all things nerdy and fantastical he appears to be taking a step away from fantasy rather than towards it, stepping down from his role as Geralt of Rivia as it looks like he has other “super” commitments ahead of him.

That hasn’t stopped fans (who may or may not have heard this revelation) from wondering just how the actor could find a place in George R.R. Martin’s world. The O.P imagines that HBO would be itching to have a big name like Cavill join the ranks, having seen the actor in action in a fantasy setting already they know he could pull off almost any fight scene needed, not to mention those silvery/blonde wigs.

For many, it’s down to the fact that Cavill looks exactly like most male fantasy characters.

One fan went and broke down exactly what makes Cavill fit the mold so well. Not to mention his deep nerdiness when approaching these kinds of roles.

Though there were many who felt like House of the Dragon doesn’t need Cavill in it.

This user felt there might be a specific role he could fill further down the line that fits better with his dashing good looks and general warrior build.

Seen as this character is an extremely talented warrior why not cast the guy who plays extremely talented warriors (Geralt) or superheroes (Superman).

Another one thrown out there was Hugh Hammer, an exceptionally muscular character, tall with broad shoulders ad hands that could twist bars… sounds a little Superman-esque to us.

Though one thing many feel is that the extremely popular actor wouldn’t fit with the casting of House of the Dragon, the show does have some big A-listers from time to time such as Sean Bean and Lena Heady, but many of the actors chosen are relatively unknown or fabulous actors that perhaps haven’t achieved as much fame as others such as Paddy Constantine.

But this thread seems to be for naught really, seen as the man himself has confirmed that he won’t be in Westeros – at least not any time soon.

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