Armin Van Buuren Revisits Gaia Project With “Inyathi”


As maligned as he may be by trance elitists worldwide, Armin Van Buuren‘s actually kept a foot in the genre’s more underground side to a respectable degree. Well before the success of events like Dreamstate prompted other trance figureheads to return to their stylistic roots, he was releasing and performing “pure trance” with longtime collaborator Benno De Goeij as Gaia – and after several months of silence, the duo have revealed a new track titled “Inyathi.”

An uplifting piece of classic trance set at the now practically fetishized 138 BPM, “Inyathi” carries the listener through a euphoric aural journey that undergoes engaging changes. After building to an exhilarating peak, the track drops into a melodic breakdown that provides a welcome respite before an emotionally charged progression brings the energy back up.

Who knows – perhaps a Gaia set at the next Dreamstate massive is in order?

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