We’re Getting Attached To Beats Antique’s Be Together Remix


We haven’t heard a whole lot from the Beats Antique camp this festival season, which is disappointing because the world music/electronic trio seldom disappoints. That’s why when we caught word that they’d given Major Lazer’s “Be Together” a remix, we knew we had to tell you about it.

After all, we were big fans of the latter outfit’s recent album, on which “Be Together” was the intro track. The remix incorporates rich instrumentals and reverberating bass lines to the original that suit it perfectly – we would actually go as far as to say that we like it a little better, even. We hope it will be the first of many new releases from Beats Antique, as we’d like their psychedelic stylings to color some of the more experimental live sets we wind up seeing over the rest of the Summer.

Give a the Beats Antique remix of Major Lazer’s “Be Together” a listen in the SoundCloud embed above. Do you agree that it improved upon the original? Tell us why or why not in the comments.