Big Gigantic Ventures Out Into Hip-Hop With “Miss Primetime” Ft. Pell


Colorado bass owes much of its explosion to the popularity of underground hip-hop in the Centennial State about a decade ago, but this might be Big Gigantic‘s biggest foray into it yet. The livetronica outfit have certainly collaborated with emcees in various capacities in the past, but “Miss Primetime” ft. Pell is undeniably a rap song.

Pell’s provocative verses and hooks are the centerpiece of the track, with all the other production elements merely framing them. Even Dominic Lalli’s saxophone samples are downplayed much more than usual, and the only synth work evident is a minimalistic bass line underscoring the arrangement.

In case it weren’t obvious enough, Big Gigantic fans can probably expect Pell to join the duo onstage during their upcoming gigs to perform “Miss Primetime” live.

Check the track out in the SoundCloud player above to decide for yourself whether or not you’ll be looking forward to it.