Blasterjaxx And DBSTF’s “Parnassia” Is Big Room By Numbers


How many big room house producers does it take to put out a track? It doesn’t matter, apparently, as long as their ghostwriter is paid up front.

In the case of Blasterjaxx and DBSTF, though, there’s a grand total of four DJs credited for their most recent track – and it doesn’t appear to have helped it stand out from the heap of main stage clones that the EDM machine has continued to pump out in recent years.

“Parnassia” is only about as memorable as anything else these particular artists have put out, whether jointly or independently of one another. It follows the big room house formula to a T, but fails to go above and beyond in its execution – the feelings evoked by its barbaric synth lead ultimately fall short of the grandeur their upswell implies.

Seeing as how Blasterjaxx and DBSTF are both two-man operations, you would have thought that between them there would have been somebody with an idea of how to make more out of the track than what’s there.

Nonetheless, Blasterjaxx and DBSTF’s “Parnassia” will releasing on Maxximize Records on January 18th.