Borgore And Barrington Levy Fuse Dubstep And Reggae For “Blast Ya”


While dubstep and reggae might not be the most obvious sounds to meld together, Borgore and Barrington Levy have proven it’s an unlikely perfect pairing on their new collaboration “Blast Ya.”

“Blast Ya” is a three-dimensional futuristic record,” Barrington explains. “Dancehall meets an authentic dubplate style that collides into EDM; it’s raw but an organic sound!”

Borgore is no stranger to using shock factor to wow his fans, but he pushes the boundaries of electronic music in a whole new way by teaming up with the reggae legend. Bursting with raw, primitive rhythm, “Blast Ya” fuses the best of both dubstep and reggae into one explosive package.

Barrington Levy’s music soundtracked Borgore’s adolescence, and the artistic chemistry between the two producers couldn’t be more evident in the vibrancy of their first collaboration. It’s another solid effort from both artists and the forward-thinking release once again proves Borgore’s prowess as a producer who consistently pushes for deft versatility.

“Barrington Levy was one of my favorite artists as a kid,” Borgore offers. “Young Asaf Borger would have never dreamed I would be able to work with such a legend while also pushing the boundaries of electronic music.”

Check out Borgore and Barrington Levy’s new collab above and as always, drop a comment below letting us know what you think.