Brie Larson shows off her superhero abs in workout selfies

Brie Larson
Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET

Brie Larson is, once again, dropping jaws and showing off her superhero physique in a series of images from a hamstring stretch.

The actress and Marvel hero makes fitness an essential part of her day, and the hard work most certainly pays off. She’s not just a pillar of strength in the superhero realm as Ms. Marvel; she’s a hero to fans worldwide who look up to her for her determination, compassion, and of course — her physical fitness too.

In the latest series of workout selfies, Larson is wearing workout gear with an opening that shows off her picture-perfect abs, and we’re all inspired to start core workouts immediately.

While the abs are incredible, the definition in her arms and legs are also next level — she’s just the picture of physical fitness, and it’s not just one photo that highlights her dedication, either.

In addition to everyday workouts, she also tries exciting new ways to tone and shape her body, and to be honest — they look like a lot of fun. The im-polsive-workout she tried is one that many people enjoy, and it works out the core and the entire muscular system.

Larson looks as great in jeans and a crop top as she does in workout gear. Now that we’re going down the rabbit hole of great Larson snaps on Instagram.

Of course, Larson doesn’t work out just to look great; she does it to feel and be strong. Like in the video she shared doing pull-ups during a gym session.

Here’s to Brie Larson and her impeccable ability to motivate us to work on our physical strength!