Captain America Invites Venom To Join The Avengers In Marvel Comics

Chris Evans Avengers Infinity War

Although the future of Venom in the Marvel and Sony cinematic universes is somewhat unclear, there are a few theories as to how the symbiote may cross between different worlds. The current Venom series from Marvel Comics is also offering increased evidence though that Eddie Brock could eventually be regarded as a key player for the side of good in the publisher’s main continuity. Indeed, Captain America appears to be keen to bring Brock/Venom into the Avengers fold, according to the latest issue of the title.

In the Donny Cates-written Venom comics, Brock has defeated threats from symbiote god Knull’s dragon, as well as turning the tide in the Absolute Carnage arc by taking on Captain America’s shield when he loses his powers. The same arc also revealed Brock’s complicated relationship with his son, while also introducing the awesome Venom Hulk when the symbiote decides to jump ship to Bruce Banner. The Absolute Carnage storyline eventually saw Brock defeat Carnage by absorbing the symbiote, albeit with the consequence of releasing Knull.

However, Brock’s actions to date are enough to get him a flying limousine visit to Avengers Mountain in Venom #21, where Captain America is on hand to personally invite him to a vote on whether he can join the super-powered team. Even with Steve Rogers’ support, though, Brock chooses to temporarily decline the offer, nominally for spending time with son, but also to shake off the Carnage symbiote. The latter is a plot point that forms part of a current “Venom Island” arc.

Given the development of Eddie Brock in the Venom comics into a former villain with an excellent chance of being a new Avenger, we’re keen to see Tom Hardy’s version of the character take a similar route in the MCU. To date, we have Venom 2 to look forward to, as well as the character possibly appearing in mooted Dark Avengers and Morbius crossover pictures, and we’ll be sure to bring you more news on Venom‘s future in the MCU as it becomes clearer.