Cash Cash Drops “How To Love” Ft. Sofia Reyes From Upcoming Album


Time and time again, Cash Cash have proven themselves capable of producing a track guaranteed to gain traction over the course of the festival season. It’s only been a matter of days since the New Jersey-based progressive house trio announced their debut album, but they’ve already fired off “How To Love” – a single guaranteed to bounce from main stage to main stage for months.

Just as the rest of the the EDM would has outgrown grandiose hoover synth stacks and bone-rattling bass kicks, Cash Cash seem to have opted for softer sound design elements as well. In their new track, Sofia Reyes’ radio-friendly vocal is framed by an almost muted melody, and even the synth lead at the chorus utilizes more stripped-down synths.

Be that as it may “How To Love” is still closer to Cash Cash‘s signature sound than some of their recent stylistic departures. As they tease out more tracks from the album in the coming weeks, we’ll find out just how eclectic of an effort it will end up being.