‘Lightyear’ star Chris Evans blasts homophobic scorn by some online naysayers

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The Lightyear film is out tomorrow and, while it is being praised by critics and many fans of the Toy Story world, others are not being kind and have taken to review-bombing the movie on IMDB, and this ill will has continued and is strong in posts on Twitter.

Much of the scorn comes from those upset Tim Allen is not returning to the role, and others who are angered the film features LGBTQ+ representation, which has earned it bans in several countries in the Middle East. Evans told Variety Monday that he hopes the sequence in the film concerned with LGBTQ+ representation can help frame the topic as a norm and not uncharted waters, but this aspiration has not connected with everyone. One user says the piece is just pushing a political agenda they are not ultimately comfortable with.

Someone else has taken issue with Evans’ acting, and says the work will be worse than his past turn as Johnny Storm.

Then, for another, the reasons for replacing Tim Allen are also disrespectful to his acting talents honed over many years of work.

Audiences will of course get to judge for themselves soon and, for Evans, the homophobic criticism and the longing for Allen have not seemed to unsettle him. On Tuesday he told Reuters people upset with Lightyear’s LGBTQ+ content were idiots and dinosaurs and people who ignore advancements should be ignored, as growth and social advancement is what makes us humans on earth.

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