Disney Parks are celebrating May the 4th with some questionable ‘Star Wars’-themed foods

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Screenshot

Star Wars foodies rejoice! Disney Parks are celebrating May the 4th with special Star Wars snack, drink, and dessert options.

The unofficial Star Wars holiday has become a staple in pop culture, and there’s no better place to celebrate than at Disney. From special photo ops and character meet & greets to delicious snacks — fans at the parks will be surrounded by the galaxy’s best.

What exciting options will Disney foodies find tomorrow? Let’s take a look.

First things first — if you’re visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you’ll find one-of-a-kind Lightsaber Churros. There’s nothing better than a Disney churro on any day, but they’ve one-upped themselves with the unique Star Wars theme.

Don’t forget to stop by the milk stand, a staple to Hollywood Studios, for the blue or green milk options.

Next up is Jettison Juice — a Minute Maid juice blend with a special glow-in-the-dark cube. It’s a non-alcoholic option, so Jedis of any age can enjoy this one.

Continuing to a dessert option, Hollywood Studios is serving a Dark Side Chocolate Creation. This chocolate shortbread cookie is topped with almonds underneath a raspberry mousse filling covered by a malted milk chocolate dome. So if you’re not grabbing several of those tomorrow, you’ve chosen darkness.

You can also find a Wookie Cookie dessert, consisting of an oatmeal cookie sandwich filled with vanilla cream and an adorable Wookie sash made of chocolate decorates the top.

If you’re looking for an alcoholic option, Hollywood Studios has you covered with a Cosmic Rum Punch. This glowing drink is made up of Minute Maid lemonade, pineapple juice, Bacardi Rum, Parrot Bay Coconut Rum, and grenadine. Of course, a glow cube adds the most pleasing finishing touch.

Feed that sweet tooth once more with the Oi-Oi Puff. This raspberry cream puff filled with passion fruit mousse will be on your list of new Disney favorites.

The Galactic Swirl Funnel Cake is next up, and this black and white funnel cake is topped with candy rocks, a speck of special space dust, and delicious strawberries.

There’s also a popcorn option for someone who wants a little salty with their sweet, in the form of Interstellar Sweet and Crunchy Popcorn. This treat features caramel popcorn with cookies and cream chunks, followed by sweet and spicy pecans.

Not going to the parks but in the Disney World area? Disney Springs and Disney’s Polynesian Resort also have offerings.

Visit Amorette’s Patisserie from the 4th through the 8th for Lightsaber Eclairs! These sweet treats have a variety of flavors, including Rey’s passion pineapple, Darth Vader’s Dark Side mousse with cayenne pepper and cinnamon, Obi-Wan’s blue matcha, Master Yoda’s pistachio, and Mace Windu’s berry cherry option.

Visit the Polynesian Resort’s Pineapple Lanai to find the stellar Millennium Falcon Star Wars Soft Serve Sundae. This ice cream treat is a gray soft-serve — vanilla flavored — with chocolate cookie crumbled on top in addition to chocolate drizzle, white chocolate stars, brownie pieces, stardust sparkles, and a chocolate candy Millenium Falcon.

Disneyland also features several enticing options for foodies on May the 4th.

In Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland, get started with an Ishi Tib-style pasta with beef pot roast, pasta, mixed vegetables, and a coconut curry sauce to top it off. It’s a new dish option at the Black Spire to celebrate Black Spire Day.

The Vientiane Mineral Mousse is next for dessert, consisting of a chocolate mousse, strawberry mousse, and a banana brûlée dark chocolate mousse — all sat upon chocolate crumbles with a cherry on top.

From there, you can find two popcorn options. The Outpost Mix is a blend of caramel and chocolate popcorn, whereas the Shaka Cheese Popcorn option is a white cheddar flavor.

Foodies will next dig into a few options at the Milk Stand. A chocolate chip cookie with pistachios and sea salt is called the Chocolate Chip Sweet-Sand Cookie.

You can also get the delightful Blue Milk option with a twist! The Blue Milk — Mon Cala Swirl adds sour mango jellies and a mango gel for a new flavor option.

Oga’s Cantina added several new options to celebrate May the 4th. You can enjoy the Five-blossom Bread — a warm pretzel topped with Hawaiian Black Sea salt featuring a Calabrian cheese sauce with a honey-mustard foam.

Fondor Fizz is an alcoholic drink option with Toniray Teal Chardonnay, Joffrey’s White Tea, and Tito’s Vodka. The Sesid Seltzer is a Pineapple-Orange hard seltzer, and there’s the Black Squadron Lager for anyone craving a lager with a splash of honey.

You can also find Sullust Garlic Chips, a spicy blend of white cheddar and buffalo-flavored garlic chips!

If Galaxy’s Edge is a little crowded, you can stroll to Tomorrowland and still find some solid Star Wars options.

The Parfait of Mustafar is a chocolate lava cake with a chocolate ganache and red pâte à choux. It’s filled with red chocolate mousse and a salted caramel pudding.

You can also get the adorable Grogu Apple, an apple dipped in caramel, before adding cute marshmallow ears with a delicious white chocolate topping and sanding sugar to add sparkle and flavor.

Star Wars fans will be in great company with delicious snacks tomorrow. May the 4th be with you!