Don Diablo And Oliver Heldens Premiere Collab At Ultra Music Festival


EDIT: The track playing when Don Diablo joins Oliver Heldens onstage in the above video is actually the latter artist’s collaboration with Chocolate Puma titled “Space Sheep.”

ORIGINAL STORY: Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that Ultra Music Festival is a cornerstone of electronic music culture. Like so many before it, this year’s edition such a vast amount of track debuts that we’re still working our way through them – and the latest arrives in the form of Don Diablo‘s new collaboration with Oliver Heldens.

Your EDM spotted the track debut in the UMF TV live feed footage from Don Diablo’s set at the festival. After welcoming Heldens on stage, he cued an as-yet-unidentified ID that exhibits one of Heldens’ metallic bass lines – and, thankfully, little of his own grating melodies.

The ID begins shortly after 35:30 in the YouTube player above. After checking out the Ultra Music Festival premiere of Don Diablo and Oliver Heldens’ new collaboration, make a trip down to our comments section and let us know if you’ll be looking forward to the official release of the track in the weeks to follow.