Dwayne Johnson takes things too far by claiming the hierarchy of popcorn is about to change

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam thinking of popcorn
Images Via Youtube / Warner Bros Pictures and Todd's Kitchen

Dwayne Johnson is popping off on Twitter by making the boldest possible claim, sharing that “The Hierarchy of popcorn is about to change.” Whilst sharing his potentially controversial thoughts, the actor retweeted an image with the new packaging for DC’s Black Adam‘s opening night.

“Never thought popcorn could look so cool. Theaters are selling these to fans on opening night. Brilliant. Count me in. The hierarchy of popcorn is about to change,” Johnson wrote, celebrating the new marketing strategy for the upcoming DC Universe superhero film, Black Adam. However, the actor took things a bit too far when he claimed the new packaging would change the hierarchy of popcorn as we know it, as everyone knows that it’s the inside that counts.

To be absolutely fair, the packaging is super sweet. Using Black Adam’s superhero suit as inspiration, the bucket expected to be used on the opening night includes the superhero’s colors, yellow and grey, with plenty of detail adding a bit of flavor. The bucket also has a huge lightning strike that can also be found on the character’s chest, even if it is a little corny. Although it may seem fair to claim this is the best popcorn on the market, the least the actor could’ve done was butter up his words so as to not offend any corn aficionados out there- corn kid, please look away.

Some popcorn fans may be a little salty with this daring claim, but one thing’s for certain: every type of popcorn deserves a little love, whether it comes in the coolest package on the market or not.

Black Adam hits theaters Oct. 21.