Exclusive: Chad Coleman on acting, ‘Walking Dead’ fans, and his new ‘Humble Hollywood’ podcast

Photo Credit: Benjo Arwas

You might know Chad Coleman from his various projects across the entertainment realm. From the beloved Tyreese in The Walking Dead to Klyden in The Orville and Colonel Frederick Lucius Johnson in The Expanse, he lends his talent and his dedication to acting and the characters fans love. 

He’s also lending his voice to listeners with a new podcast, Humble Hollywood with Chad, as he interviews celebrity guests about topics that matter. Coleman is an exciting guy with an energy you can’t really put into words, and his podcast gives that positivity and love for life and one another a place to inspire others. 

In his new venture, he hopes to remind us all that we don’t have to be so separated and divisive; we can talk to one another and find out how to relate to each other once again. He credits some of his love for conversation to how he grew up and just enjoyed watching people talk. It’s a simple thing, conversation, but it still seems like we don’t do enough of it.

We got to talk to Coleman about the love of acting, changing lives with foster youth, and his new podcast —  Humble Hollywood Podcast with Chad

You’re a well-known staple to the entertainment industry, spanning many shows and films like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Arrow, The Walking Dead, and The Orville. What has been your favorite genre to work on? Which has taught you the most about your craft? 
Coleman: “I don’t have a favorite genre. Each discipline, whether TV, film or theater, requires my talent and technique. I am the instrument, so each time out, the material requires and challenges me to play any number of notes, if you will.”

In 2015, you made a PSA with Living Advantage, and you’ve spoken about growing up in foster care — what would you tell people about helping foster youth in ways they might not be familiar with?
Coleman: “I would simply say, please get involved because the impact you can have on a child’s life is incredible. You can literally change the course of someone’s life for the better.”

You can find out more about Living Advantage via Coleman’s PSA, here

There’s a lot to look up to as a fan between your military service, acting career, and work with various charitable organizations. What do you hope your fans learn most from seeing your life and work?
Coleman: “I would hope that fans recognize that I’m a passionate and dedicated thespian who sincerely cares about people.”

While your roles always leave an impact, Tyreese from The Walking Dead is definitely a fan-favorite. Having met you at a few conventions, you were always the life of the show and someone people loved having the opportunity to meet. What do you love most about the community built around the series? 
Coleman: “What I love most about the TWD Community is that it’s such a mutual lovefest!! Lovefest!!! We love our fans as much as they love us.”

A lovefest is the perfect way to describe the community built around The Walking Dead, and if you’ve got the chance to meet the actors at a convention near you — we recommend it. It’s an incredible experience and as important to the cast as it is to the fans. 

Your new podcast is called the Humble Hollywood Podcast with Chad — if you could describe the experience in 3 words, what would they be?
Coleman: “Connective nurturing conversation.” 

The Humble Hollywood Podcast with Chad allows listeners to feel the nurturing within the first moments of each conversation. Coleman hopes to highlight connection and relationship building in the podcast, and it’s already doing just that. You can watch video clips on the Instagram profile. 

Dawn Noel and Eden Sharon are joining you for the Humble Hollywood Podcast; what brought the three of you together? 
Coleman: “Dawn Noel and Eden Sharon are very dear friends whom I invited along for the ride because they’re smart, funny, strongly opinionated, beautiful women.”

From the guests and friends you’re working with so far, who has surprised you the most in interviews for Humble Hollywood? What guest has made you laugh the most?
Coleman: Who surprised me the most is Markuann Smith, the creator of “Godfather of Harlem.” His commitment over 20 years to get that show made floored me. And his brother is Father MC!!!

What do you hope listeners will take away from your podcast?
Coleman: Listeners will realize that we don’t have to be polarizing or divisive to have compelling conversation. We can listen and be kind and still be vastly entertaining.