Fans argue if ‘The Flash’ was always destined to be a disaster

ezra miller the flash justice league
Warner Bros.

If ever a studio wished it had the ability to tap into the Flashforce and turn back time, it would be Warner Bros Discovery. Its plans for a Marvel-style DCEU propped up by the twin pillars of Batfleck and Henry Cavill’s Superman have been destroyed. Wonder Woman 1984 turned out to be an embarrassing failure on the scale of Howard the Duck.

And now its most popular franchise heroes are an emo Batman in his own bottle universe, Peacemaker whom most fans identify more as a James Gunn creation than a D.C. property, and Harley Quinn, who continues to be a blockbuster Halloween costume but has now been featured in two flop films.

The last thing Warner needed was for Ezra Miller — the star of The Flash, their attempt at creating a Spider-Man-style superhero series about a young man grappling with his newfound powers — to engage in behavior questionable enough to warrant calls for restraining orders.

And most interestingly, despite the catastrophic PR that this has all generated, Warner Bros. is still committed to releasing The Flash with Miller as the star, although it has promised to ditch them after this movie is released.

Not surprisingly, fans on Reddit have thoughts about all of this. A redditor by the name of “Key Squash” feels The Flash film, based on the D.C. Comics “Flashpoint” multiverse title, would have been doomed to failure regardless of whether star Ezra Miller would stand accused of the abduction and abuse of a minor by her parents.

A redditor has this crazy idea that they will watch the movie before deciding if it’s good or not:

While a user who named themselves after a Marvel character just doesn’t like the looks of any of this:

Meanwhile, this redditor believes that it’s only because Batfleck bowed out of continuing as the Dark Knight that we’re getting a return of Michael Keaton’s Batman to bail out the DCEU:

And this user just thinks this all looks totally cool:

Others think bringing back Michael Keaton’s Batman to help reboot the franchsie can only help, not hurt:

Finally, some redditors just want to watch the multiverse burn:

In any case, The Flash will be in theaters on June 23rd.