Fans don’t want to wait 2 years for Henry Cavill to be cast as James Bond

henry cavill
Photo by Antony Jones/Getty Images

Daniel Craig has hung up his tuxedo and turned in his license to kill, with No Time To Die a very conclusive finale to his time as James Bond.

Craig’s tenure at MI6 was a resounding success, winning critical adulation for Casino Royale and Skyfall, becoming the highest-grossing Bond of all time along the way. Filling those impeccably styled shoes will be tough, but recent comments indicate Bond producers EON are in no hurry.

In a recent interview, Barbara Broccoli confirmed that the next installment will reinvent the character, but is still at least two years away from filming, so will likely hit theaters sometime around 2025/6. That’s a long time to wait, particularly as the common fan choices for the role aren’t getting any younger.

One of the most popular is Man of Steel and The Witcher star Henry Cavill, who’s long been a name in contention for the role. He’s hunky, looks great in a tuxedo, and has action movie bona fides. Unfortunately, his substantial fanbase isn’t happy that EON is dragging its heels.

For some Cavill is a sure-fire bet:

The evidence he looks the part is available for all to see:

Others want to see him team up with the another James Bond casting:

This poster has the smart idea of a period-set Bond:

And is he really the only plausible option?

We can’t deny he doesn’t look the part. The big wrinkle is that Cavill has committed to multiple seasons of The Witcher with Netflix, and is also still (very theoretically) the DCEU’s Superman. That could mean that though he’d absolutely nail the role, scheduling conflicts may get in the way.

Our bet is that the new Bond will be a young and talented actor currently making waves in indie movies. After Craig’s older Bond, it makes sense to go with a younger version of the iconic secret agent, especially if the plan is to develop his story over multiple movies.