Why In God’s Name Did Kaskade Make A Jungle Terror Track?


Every time I start to feel like I’ve been too hard on Kaskade, he puts out something that I can’t help but rail on. The jungle terror genre needs to go ahead and die already, but when an artist of his stature releases an abomination like “Jorts FTW” ft. Too Many Zooz, I fear that it could stay relevant well past 2016.

To be fair, “Jorts FTW” follows a slower, more tasteful tempo than more typical jungle terror tracks. The instrumental samples contributed by Too Many Zooz give it a more organic sound than songs by the likes of Wiwek, making for a refreshing interpretation of the style’s usual formula.

Nevertheless, when it comes down to it, “Jorts FTW” doesn’t even sound like a Kaskade release. Aside from percussive elements, synth work is so absent from the arrangement that he hardly seems to have contributed to the concept in the first place.

Kaskade‘s “Jorts FTW” comes out on July 15th, but you can listen to a preview clip in the SoundCloud embed above. With any luck, he’ll put out more music like his Felix Cartal collaboration, “Fakin It,” after he’s finished with this phase.