Hayden Christensen tried to beat Ewan McGregor at pool with the Force

hayden christensen anakin star wars
Image via Lucasfilm

Actor Hayden Christensen is back on the Obi-Wan Kenobi show alongside Ewan McGregor, has been embraced at long last by Star Wars fans and, with his return, has begun to share stories like the time he tried to beat McGregor at pool with the Force.

“I remember when we were first starting on Episode II when I was first getting to play the character, I used to do that a little bit. I remember going to a local bar with Ewan and playing pool and really trying my best to affect where the balls were going using the Force.”

Christensen reveals the silly and sweet moment in an article published by Entertainment Weekly today. The report mentions McGregor previously admitting he has done the same thing when coming up to automatic doors, Christensen also says his efforts at pool never really were effective, and he also named what stands today as one of his favorite scenes from the movies he did.

“I really like that scene that I got to do with Ian McDiarmid in the opera, where he plants the seeds of his seduction for Anakin to see the value of potentially turning to the dark side. And that was a really enjoyable one to get to film.”

The first two episodes of Obi-Wan Kenobi are now streaming on Disney Plus. Remaining episodes will air every Wednesday and the finale of the six-episode limited series airs June 22, though Christensen has said he is open to more Darth Vader in the future.

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