Hilary Duff’s ambiguous Instagram post leads some to wonder if she’s pregnant

Fans of Hilary Duff were keen to note that her Monday post to Instagram from a plane just casually dropped a “three of us” reference, leading some of her more than 19 million followers to wonder if the 34-year-old How I Met Your Father star might be pregnant.

But, as her husband Matthew Koma has since clarified, the couple is not expecting another child … as of yet.

The confusion all started with Duff sharing a photo of herself and Koma masked up and on a plane Monday.

The caption read, “Leaving for a little bit …. The 3 of us☺️,” leading some to believe there could be the pitter-patter of little feet once again for the couple.

“PREGNANT AGAIN?! YASSSSSSS!” wrote one fan in response.

Other comments trickled in from various users:

“Pregnant again?😍”

“Three of us?! 👀”

“Pregnant?🙌 Congratsssss”

Koma swung by the comments section himself to set the record straight.

“She’s talking about @stephanjenkins sitting behind us you baby crazies,” he wrote, referring to their musical friend, Stephen Jenkins, who also appears masked up in the background of the photo.

Duff and Koma are busy raising two daughters, and the Lizzie Maguire star also has a 9-year-old from a previous marriage, according to ET Online’s account of the mixup.

However, the couple has mentioned wanting to expand their family on social media and in interviews, meaning that the post-Instagram post excitement wasn’t entirely unwarranted.

Shortly after the birth of the now-8-month old Mae, Duff said in an interview with Dr. Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy Podcast that she thinks her husband “totally would be down” for more kids, but that “he recognizes that I have to do all the work.”