Horror fans dive into film’s darkest visuals to share the most unsettling moments they’ve seen

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Fans of horror films all have their favorites, movies they can repeatedly watch without growing tired of them. Some films scare you as much the 30th time as the first, and some even pack a sarcastic and humorous punch that produces cult followings.

Some scary films, however, contain scenes you can’t watch more than once. There are moments so spine-chilling that you can’t bring yourself to sit through them again — no matter how great the movie is otherwise.

You know the scenes, the ones you cover your eyes through — the ones you hum quietly through so you don’t even have to hear them. We’ve all got the unwatchable moments in horror, and this Reddit thread shares several of them.

It’s that feeling — the unsettling imagery that can transport you from simply watching something scary to feeling completely unsafe and uncomfortable.

Horror or not, the curb scene in American History X is on the can’t watch list for almost everyone you ask. It’s graphic, brutal, and incredibly intense.

Mr. Grumpy in The House that Jack Built is the end-all for this horror fan. 

There are plenty of scenes in Midsommar that are gut-wrenching to watch. That movie is a one-and-done for some fans in horror.

Tusk was just a lot in itself.

This fan can’t watch a particular scene in Pans Labyrinth for a good reason.

This fan listed five scenes through different horror films, and we think almost everyone can agree with them.

This movie had several scenes, much like Midsommar, that are almost impossible to watch. 

The comments section after this reply note that most of these films, in their entirety, are tragic and terrible. Please uncover/read this comment with care if you are triggered by scenes in horror.

The final scene in The Mist does sting for several reasons. What a terrible way to end a scary movie, absolutely heartbreaking. 

One scene we’re surprised wasn’t mentioned more was the scene in The Strangers where they mutter four terrifying words, “because you were home.”

Horror does just what it says it should, chills viewers to the bone — but sometimes we have to draw the line.