Horror fans think Robert Eggers should put his spin on this classic

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Writer and director Robert Eggers has an immense talent for movie creation, and he has an eye for perfecting the necessary ingredients, whether across the bigger picture, or in smaller moments. From The VVitch and The Lighthouse to his recent cinematic event, The Northman — films feel special when Eggers adds his touch.

A question was posed on Reddit by a horror fan who would love to see an adaptation of The Portrait of Dorian Gray done by Eggers. They also opened the floor for a conversation about other adaptations fans would like to see him breathe life into.

There were several replies with fans who agreed with the original post, hoping for an Eggers touch on The Portrait of Dorian Gray.

Of course, Eggers fans are just on board with anything he creates and hope for more projects from him in the near future. Some of the other ideas film lovers had are as follows:

For those unfamiliar with the story, Britannica shares the following summary of The Portrait of Dorian Gray:

“The story begins in the art studio of Basil Hallward, who is discussing a current painting with his witty and amoral friend Lord Henry Wotton. Henry thinks that the painting, a portrait of an extraordinarily beautiful young man, should be displayed, but Basil disagrees, fearing that his obsession with the portrait’s subject, Dorian Gray, can be seen in the work. Dorian then arrives, and he is fascinated as Henry explains his belief that one should live life to the fullest by indulging one’s impulses. Henry also points out that beauty and youth are fleeting, and Dorian declares that he would give his soul if the portrait were to grow old and wrinkled while he remained young and handsome.”

Dorian Gray experiences the coming true of his wildest dreams, but there’s a high cost. Eggers could do wonders with the character as he descents into “madness” and tries to stay young and beautiful forever.

In the wait for his next project, you can catch Eggers’ latest masterpiece, The Northman, in theaters now. 

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