Internet still unsure Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are ‘for real’, despite TMZ claim

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Photos by Frazer Harrison and Mike Coppola for Getty Images.

The question of whether Pete Davidson is dating Kim Kardashian is still up for debate for many, despite a new claim from TMZ that new pictures of the pair engaging in public displays of affection outright confirms the long-held rumors.

The publication shared a recent story on the matter on Wednesday, featuring photos of the pair embracing.

However, many people on the social media site were not convinced they are an official couple “for real.”

One Twitter user pointed out how Kim’s body language in the embrace photos seem to be “a friend hug,” by their estimation. “[L]look at how her head is turned away 🤗,” wrote @mambuitumelo.

Another user, @atravernell1, added that they agreed with that assessment, saying Davison appeared to them as “still in the friend zone. They’re not even kissing. He even has a mask on.”

It’s notable that the TMZ article also featured pictures and video clips of Kardashian and Davidson holding hands, and getting pizza and ice cream together.

Another social media user wondered if this wasn’t part of a bigger picture between Kardashian and ex-husband Kanye West getting back at each other by being seen in public with “rebound dates.”

Another social media user pointed out how, should Davidson and Kardashian be an official “item,” it must be awkward to hang out with each other without a moment of privacy due to constant paparazzi.

Davidson and Kim have been long suspected to be dating, due to past images surfacing showing the pair hanging out together. The speculation is so on fire at the moment that many are guessing a shadow in one of Kardashian’s Instagram posts belongs to Davidson.

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