Announcing The We Got This Covered Store


Today we’re excited to announce the opening of the We Got This Covered Store! Not to worry, we’re still focused on covering the latest gaming and pop culture news, but with our new shop’s arrival, you’ll now have access to exclusive deals on gear, gadgets, clothes, and more – all at prices you’ll love.

To kick off our store’s opening, we’re offering exclusive deals on several of our gorgeous, archival-quality movie posters. They’re each available for 25% off, or only $19 each!

Did the latest Star Wars movie awaken your inner Jedi? Show off your love for your favorite staff-wielding scavenger with this poster of the indomitable Rey. Illustrating one of the movie’s most iconic shots in bold, sweeping colors, this poster depicts Rey’s encounter with a crashed Star Destroyer in a galaxy far, far away.

Is the light side of the Force too virtuous for you? How about a rockin’ montage of one of Marvel’s most lovable anti-heroes instead? Composed of gracefully messy brushstrokes, this Deadpool Mercenary Poster captures Wade Wilson in his element–ready to cause mayhem at a moment’s notice.

Winter isn’t coming for a while, but it’s always the right time to display your obsession with Game of Thrones. Depicting Ned Stark pensively seated on the Iron Throne, this gorgeous piece of art illustrates an somber moment in a series riddled with bloodshed and betrayal.

Normally $25, these posters are now available to We Got This Covered readers for just $19 each – an absolute steal. And if you can’t get enough, check out the rest of our selection and subscribe to our newsletter to keep on top of our latest offerings.