Iron Fist Set Photos Showcase A Student In Training

Iron Fist

Production continues apace today on the New York set of Iron Fist, and new photos emerging via Twitter showcase Finn Jones’ student in training.

Stepping into the shoes of one Danny Rand, the Game of Thrones actor is dressed down in his civvies in these official set photos, and it’s likely that Scott Buck’s origins story will adopt a similar arc to that of Daredevil; introduce the lead hero slowly but surely, before culminating with the money shot of Rand decked out as Marvel’s Iron Fist.

Until such a time, we’ll have to make do with the pictures of Jones flaunting his martial arts skills.

Also on board for Iron Fist are Jessica Stroup as Rand’s longtime friend Joy Meachum and Banshee‘s Tom Pelphrey. They join a casting docket that already boasts Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing and David Wenham as Harold Meachum.

With Daredevil season 2 already out in the ether, next up for Netflix and Marvel is the Luke Cage solo series, shifting gears from Hell’s Kitchen to Harlem. It’s due to premiere in September, with Iron Fist expected to make its bow in early 2017. That’s a production line that shows no signs of slowing down either, now that a Jon Bernthal-fronted The Punisher series is finally official.