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‘Ironheart’ star Dominique Thorne expertly dodges the Mephisto question

Domanique Thorne proves her media training is standing her in good stead as she avoids any spoilers.

via Marvel Comics

Ironheart made her debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and that is only the start for this character in the MCU. Though first appearing in the Black Panther sequel, Riri Williams, a.k.a Ironheart, will get her very own titular series over on Disney Plus and after so much online speculation one question many have for lead actress Dominique Thorne is, will Mephisto finally make an appearance?

At this stage, it is expected that all Marvel stars will go through some form of PR and media training to prepare them to answer questions without giving away the plot. Thorne is relatively new to the Marvel media circus but it would seem that whatever training she has received is already standing her in good stead as she neatly dodges the question about the character’s existence in her series.

Speaking to Comicbook who asked the actress about the rumors circulating about the inclusion of Sacha Baron Cohen and his potential role as MCU’s devil himself, Thorne neatly sidestepped any potential slips or leaks with expert professionalism. “Oh man, the series is on its way,” she responded, continuing,

“We just finished filming, actually, on November 2 and I think there’s a lot for fans to sink their teeth into, especially if they enjoyed what they got to see of Riri Williams in a whole other world that was not her own. I think they might be in for a good time, stepping into a world that is her own.”

The Mephisto question has been going around for some time, predominantly started off with Marvel’s first series WandaVision, with many believing that the devil was hiding behind all the unexplained things happening in Wanda’s Westview when it was in fact (and sing along here) Agatha all along.

The inclusion of Baron Cohen in the series in an undisclosed role, alongside the fact that we have Anthony Ramos playing The Hood, has led many to believe that this time we WILL see Mephisto. The Hood is a character that, when wearing a hooded cloak, can tap into the dark arts and magic which has led many to speculate that the MCU will go down an avenue whereby he receives this garment from Mephisto.

MCU fans have been seeing the Marvel devil everywhere in their quest to discover when and how he will make an appearance, from WandaVision to Loki, even in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law fans have been scraping the barrel for any hints as to the reveal of the demonic character.

Maybe we will see him in Ironheart, or maybe we won’t, but we have almost a whole year to wait to find out as the series is set to land on Disney Plus in the fall of 2023.

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