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It’s morbin’ time, as a fan posts the entire script on Twitter to Morbius

Time to annoy your friends with the entire script to 'Morbius'.

Graphic by Jamie Dunkin

The sweep is still ongoing for Jared Leto’s Morbius, and the waves of ironic appreciation has crescendoed into a Bee Movie-esque farce as the entire film’s script has become a copypasta.

In one of the most fittingly stupid moments of recent internet history, Morbius has outlived its actual memeability into becoming 2022’s stand-out punching bag. Critically panned, and culturally forgotten if not for the internet, Morbius keeps sucking some more life force with its recent digital release.

With that digital release, has come much higher quality posts and more extensive tomfoolery. Now, it’s like the Bee Movie or Shrek, and the entire script is completely available thanks to Twitter user @fyrishere. Now you can endlessly message your friends your favorite Morbius moments! With added screenshots!

Ever needed the script for Matt Smith’s character doing his silly little dance? Now it’s all yours to share! Or Morbius turning into a purple mist? All yours to keep!

Frankly, if anyone deserves an Academy Award at the 2023 Oscars, it’s the former Doctor Who star for absolutely pulling, dragging, and carrying Morbius on his back. An otherwise completely forgettable and uninspired movie is almost saved by how ridiculous his shirtless dancing scene is.

Morbius is keeping up appearances on Twitter with consistent trends and now an active subreddit (/r/Morbius) which keeps spreading the Morb gospel. It’s hard to say how much longer this can realistically continue for, but it feels eerily reminiscent of the internet’s ironic love for Shrek, The Lorax, and the Bee Movie.

A live-action film being ‘memed’ this heavily and so ironically is practically unheard of in modern blockbuster cinema: not even Cats had this level of memes about it. Whether or not this is all part of the Sony Pictures strategy is unknown, but even mockery is still word of mouth.

Morbius is currently available to rent from Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube: or you can just go on Twitch to see a pirated copy.

Jamie Dunkin
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