J.K. Rowling just got ‘ratioed’ by this trans Twitch streamer on Twitter

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In the wake of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling taking to Twitter once again to give her hot takes on trans issues, a reply tweet in opposition to Rowling is receiving more likes than the post itself.

“History will judge whether Dr David Bell was a hateful transphobe or trying to alert people to a medical scandal, but he’s far from the only health professional raising these concerns (and I have the letters and emails to prove it.),” Rowling wrote in a post while sharing a video clip from BBC News discussing gender dysphoria in children.

For a while now, Twitch streamer Keffals has been attempting to ratio Rowling for expressing what many consider to be anti-trans remarks. On Friday, Keffals’ reply had more than 31 thousand likes, compared to Rowling’s nearly 13 thousand likes on her original post. Rowling’s post had over 2,500 retweets, while Keffals’ had more than 5,000. Combined, we’d say Keffals successfully ratioed Rowling, by our definition.

“i have always wanted to be the first trans person to ratio J.K. Rowling,” Keffals wrote.

To call Rowling a polarizing figure would be an understatement.

Russia’s autocratic leader, Vladimir Putin, seemingly aligned himself with Rowling earlier this month in a video where he slammed “cancel culture,” as if being a crusader against a nigh-meaningless buzzword was some sort of justification for starting a war with Ukraine.

Rowling later fired back at Putin referencing her in his speech, essentially calling him a war criminal and affirming she stands with Ukraine.

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