Diplo Reveals That Jack Ü Has New Music On The Way


Those of us in the electronic music world who feel that Diplo and Skrillex work best separately have had a good, long breather from the Jack Ü project over the past several months. It looks like we’re about to get waterboarded all over again, though.

In an interview with Charlie Rose for CBS This Morning, Diplo discussed Major Lazer’s historic performance in Panama, Cuba last weekend. At one point in the conversation, he told Rose, “before I came down to you, I was sitting on my computer editing some new songs for the Jack Ü project, because we want to put something out around Coachella.”

Last year, Skrillex and Diplo used their performance at Ultra Music Festival as an opportunity to debut their polarizing Justin Bieber collaboration, “Where Are Ü Now.” Since Coachella’s in April, at least we have a month longer to wait this time around before whatever they’ve got in store becomes the soundtrack to literally everything.

Then again, Jack Ü will probably tease whatever it is they plan to unleash on the electronic music world in the weeks leading up to Coachella. And once they drop something, we’ll be sure to have it for you right here, so stay tuned.