Jason Bateman offers his sincere thanks to ‘Ozark’ fans for sticking around

Image via Netflix

Netflix’s Ozark is now airing its final episodes. The crime show began in 2017, stars Jason Bateman and, with its closure now official, the series leader is taking the time to tell fans how much their support means.

Response to the Martin “Marty” Byrde actor’s post from today as of this story being filed has been overwhelmingly positive and invited some curiosity from others who have not seen the show yet. One asked where the best place to start the four-season-long piece is, others said it was as good as Breaking Bad or The Sopranos for them, and, even co-star Skylar Gaertner (Jonah Byrde) got in on the love fest;

While the final two seasons of the show are critically acclaimed on Rotten Tomatoes with a 98 and 93 percent fresh respectively, it was not at such a high point from the start. Seasons one and two of Ozark have 70 and 76 percent positive ratings and were even described as not challenging, but possessing future potential. Indeed, Christopher Campbell of Film School Rejects even said the first season was more bad than Breaking Bad, and criticized the show for moving things along without exploring depth behind them.

“We follow along to see what’s next, not necessarily thinking about how or why those things are happening when we get to them. If the show does want to spend extra time on a character’s struggle, it’s handled dishonestly. We don’t get a believable reaction from or even enough time with Pastor Young (Michael Mosley) when he discovers his stunningly pristine-condition forced-birthed baby.”

Clearly, things changed for the better.