Jauz Talks About Him And Marshmello Using Splice On Duke Dumont Remix


Cloud-based music creation and collaboration platform Splice appears to have chosen Jauz as their unofficial poster child. The Los Angeles DJ/producer previously endorsed the platform in a video that showcased its functionality as a sample library, and has now shared another video in which he discusses having used it to collaborate with Marshmello on their remix of Duke Dumont’s “Need You (100%)”.

Splice is somewhat similar to a service like Google Docs in that producers who use it to create music can grant others permissions. Regarding the collaboration, Jauz said:

I just put it up on Splice, added him as a collaborator, and collected it and saved, so that anytime he wanted to work on it he didn’t even need to let me know. He would just open the project, and when he would save, I would get a notification on my computer that was like “So-and-so worked on whatever track,” so it made it really easy for us to bounce back and forth.

Shortly thereafter, Jauz went into further detail on the creative process that resulted in he and Marshmello’s collaboration. Check it out above, and look out for more videos like this as the former artist appears to have entered a fairly involved partnership with Splice.