Johnny Depp giggles at Disney witness being asked about ‘a million alpacas’

Amber Heard & Johnny Depp Getty Images Remix By Keane Eacobellis

The alpaca meme just won’t die during the trial of dueling defamation lawsuits involving celebrities and ex-spouses, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

Though much of the subject matter of the trial is quite serious, such as centering on matters of alleged domestic abuse, there have been multiple moments of levity sprinkled throughout the proceedings, which have unfolded in a Fairfax, Virginia, courtroom since mid-April.

Though one could argue Depp’s proclivity to not be able to contain his laughter, from time to time, makes him come across as not taking the trial seriously, it would probably be hard for anyone to keep a straight face when discussing allegedly human fecal matter discovered in one’s bed or even enduring the rival lawyer’s cartoonish impression of the Pirates of the Caribbean star.

In the latest seemingly light-hearted courtroom moment, a lawyer for Heard was questioning a witness, Tina Newman, from Walt Disney Studios, on whether they would consider hiring Depp for “$300 million and a million alpacas.”

The lawyer was quoting Depp’s own words in the pre-recorded deposition, in which he reportedly said he would not take another Pirates franchise role, even if Disney gave him the aforementioned sum of money and the mammalian herd worthy of a “12 Days of Christmas” verse.

Depp looked as if he completely lost it when the lawyer asked Newman, “Would Disney entertain paying Mr. Depp more than $300 million and provide him more than a million alpacas to be able to obtain his services for any future Pirates of the Caribbean role?”

For the record, Newman said Disney would decline to make Depp such an offer. Sorry, Jack Sparrow fans!

Real-life alpacas have been a steady presence throughout the trial, as Depp supporters have periodically brought the South American animals outside the courthouse as a show of solidarity, spurring Depp to remark, “It’s Alpaca day,” as he was exiting the building last month.

Depp is suing Heard for $50 million for allegedly false domestic abuse claims made against him that he said hurt his career. Heard maintains she was abused by Depp and is counter-suing, also for defamation, for $100 million. Depp claims he was the one abused by Heard, not the other way around.

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