JonTron Trends After Comments On Dr. Fauci Controversy

Infamous YouTuber JonTron is no stranger to controversy as a simple google or social media search will provide. Everything from leaving Game Grumps to harsh opinions that cost him several followers via various platforms; he’s not known for keeping his thoughts to himself.

Today, in a tweet featuring a series of images, JonTron posted “Just trust the science, Bro!!!” with a few headlines and information snippets from an article regarding Anthony Fauci’s alleged experiments on Beagle puppies.

Of course, there is long-standing (rightfully so) disdain against any company or entity that tests on animals, so the idea of people being outraged in itself isn’t strange. What people did find odd was JonTron’s statement about posting the images, and many questioned his motives and the validity of what claims he was trying to make.

JonTron began trending pretty quickly, and the comments as replies to his tweet ranged in everything from support to some being completely baffled trying to find the connecting point.

This user notes that it’s messed up if true but is trying to find the connection between it and what he’s saying about covid.

This user says you just shouldn’t meet your heroes.

Another user just can’t seem to find the correlation.

This user says there’s misinformation everywhere and no sources in JonTron’s Tweet to his followers. This user went on to speak with several others and re-state their initial comment noting that the vaccine in question here was for animals and humans.

After one response called JonTron ignorant for only now realizing that animal testing was a problem, he replied with another claim against Fauci.

Finally, this Tweet used the thread to highlight a worthy cause; Beagle Freedom which tries to rescue the dogs from labs.

No matter what statement JonTron was trying to make, it seems that it’s hard to find the point with all of the grey areas and seemingly disconnected information being put together here.

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  1. It’s so obvious what narrative you’re trying to push. It’s like saying, oh this guy lies and does horrible things, but that doesn’t mean he’s lying about this one specific thing we support strongly. It has nothing to do with Q. Why would you take the word of any man who is willing to fund research overseas which involves torturing animals. What possible humanity saving knowledge can be gained by watching flies eat dogs alive? Just admit you’re wrong. You can see every media quoting Fauci’s 99% efficacy claim and slowly updating it to practically 0%. Yet you believed him the whole time he was saying 99% for months. You’re all idiots and you need to look in the mirror and admit when you’re wrong. Don’t you think it’s weird that most of the media is completely and totally biased in how they present something like this? He (Jon) didn’t make any connection between this and anti-vax. You did that yourselves, because you actually know you can’t trust a liar like him. Do you think he will be open about this research? No. The media will bury it for him. He has been caught lying so many times, but he flat out denies it. And because people have a habit of doubling down in their opinions (in this case, their support for him), he gets away with it. Why do people instantly dismiss it as a conspiracy? It’s verifiably true. They do it because they want to spread enough disinformation that the people like them can just keep believing what they want to believe. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t see a correlation between torturing puppies and lying about covid vaccine statistics (just look at 2020’s articles, and todays’) then you might as well go listen to serial killers and follow their advice too.

    1. some guy with an oppinionsays:

      ur a tard

      1. Just some tardsays:

        Exactly what a tard would say, good job kid. Pat yourself on the back and get back to your pride rally. Maybe you got some puppies to kill and injections to take, oh and some babies to kill too

  2. Bug Bunnysays:

    The connection between Fauci’s operations on dogs to suffer, clearly indicates his mentality in

    funding illegal operations in a Chinese laboratory to make humans suffer as a result of an

    uncontrollable virus.that has affected the entire planet. This type of operation is an example of a

    power trip to control human populations, similar to how George “NAZI” Soros learned the tricks of

    the trade in controlling individuals, when, as a teenager in his native Budapest, Hungary, during WW2.

    he joined a NAZI thug team whose mission was to evict JEWS from their homes, and to confiscate their

    property for Adolf Hitler and The Third Reich,, and today, as a citizen of the United States, he has used

    his wealth and influence to undermine the visions of our Founding Fathers, and replace our Constitu-

    tion with the policies of the NEW WORLD ORDER.” Soros is still a NAZI, and is still carrying Hitler’s

    water, because he is aware that most Americans comprehend and read at an 8th grade mentality,

    ensuring his position to bring the United States eventually to her knees.


  3. purebloodsays:

    I hate Fauci and all these jabbed up freaks. Read Dissolving Illusions. The vaccine doesn’t work.

  4. Bensays:

    Fauci is a fkin monster. These vaxes are the deadliest vaxes every forced on the American public. Just go to open vaers . com We now have16,000+ deaths from the vaxes and thousands of permanent injuries from neurological to heart problems. Fauci lied to congress about gain of function, with the animal testing it shows he has no compassion or empathy. Hundreds of thousands of Americans would not have died if he didn’t shut down the use of therapuidics like HCQ and Ivermectin(By the way over 200 congressmen have been treated with Ivermectin but won’t tell their constituents.

    1. Cooler Bensays:

      That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. You, sir, are a fucking moron.

      1. Just some tardsays:

        He is wrong if he meant per capita, but otherwise he is correct. So don’t dismiss and call something stupid so quickly then make that cringe insult. The arguments the media makes when talking about data from VAERS on vaccine deaths are that the data includes deaths caused by anything such as a lightning strike or car crash following a certain period of time after vaccination. But they ignore that side of things when it comes to deaths caused by Covid itself, coincidental deaths are also included in Covid deaths, not just vaccine deaths. Meaning they are obviously bias and want to make Covid look worse than it is, and make the vaccine look better than it is. Please just grow up, you’re gonna look back at the shit you posted online one day and die of cringe.

  5. Allysays:


    Please clean up these comments. They are full of dangerous misinformation and cyberbullying

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