Joshua Bassett reveals the embarrassing ‘High School Musical’ role he played long before starring in ‘HTMTMTS’

Joshua Bassett High School Musical
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Sometimes a role is written in the stars, and a journey begins before you even realize you’re taking steps towards it. Joshua Bassett recently shared a story about just that when he joined Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Bassett stars in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series — which totally isn’t difficult to say, but he had a role as an 8-year-old that unknowingly foreshadowed that future. He was in a musical production of, you guessed it, High School Musical as JV Jock #2.

Bassett laughed as he described the main “act” of his character.

“I had a couple cross-overs, it’s funny, I had one where I had to go and spin a ball on my finger to like impress this girl — this cheerleader girl — and I never got it right one show. Every single show I dropped the ball or fell off the stage, and I was always so embarassed.”

Kelly and Ryan laughed alongside Bassett, and they said, in all honestly, it’s unlikely that the audience even knew something was wrong.

“They didn’t know, that’s the thing — the audience at home, do they even know?”

Bassett said he played off of that idea: “I would roll with it every time and pretend like that was supposed to happen.”

We’re sure the audience bought into it; plus, who doesn’t love an actor who can roll with the punches? While we can’t see a video of Bassett in High School Musical when he was eight years old, you can see him in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series on Disney Plus now, with season 3 premiering on July 27.