Kim Kardashian stars in ‘House of The Dragon’ parody on ‘Late Late Show with James Corden’

kim kardashian
Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

The Kardashians came, saw, and conquered Westeros in a hilarious spoof of House of the Dragon on Wednesday’s episode of the Late, Late Show with James Corden.

Reality TV stars Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, and Kylie Jenner appeared alongside the British funnyman in a sketch called The Targashians, a portmanteau of the surnames Targaryen and Kardashian. The skit pokes fun at some of the more absurd recurring themes in both hit TV shows, from the Machiavellian quest for power that’s the hallmark of the Game of Thrones universe to the KarJenner siblings’ habit of calling on their mother to solve their conflicts.

The parody sees Corden in a blond wig as the newly crowned sovereign of The Seven Kingdoms, King Keith Targashian. As he proclaims his first act as ruler before The Small Council, his sister Kim Targashian, Princess of Westeros, enters the chamber without knocking and calls out, “Hi, big bro!”

It’s the first in a string of stunts intended to undermine King Keith’s authority. The parody sees Kim execute a man her brother just pardoned, break his dragon egg to use the yolk for skin care, and encourage him to drink a poisoned smoothie. Each egregious act sees Keith cry out, “Mom!”

Keith retaliates by destroying an oil painting of his sister. When she is on the receiving end of the hostility, she calls out, “Mom!”

Their mother is Kris Targashian, Momager of Dragons, who focuses on King Keith’s faults while turning a blind eye to Princess Kim’s aggression. The siblings resolve the escalating conflicts by sweeping the incidents under the rug and declaring that family always comes first.

In the final scene, Keith and Kim make amends by exchanging gifts. He gives the “revenge bodies” of her slain enemies while she presents him with a new dragon egg, explaining, “I stole it from Khloe’s baby.”

The siblings come to terms and strike a deal to act as co-rulers of the realm. As they sit next to each other on the Iron Throne, a shadowy figure enters the chamber carrying a massive axe. Keith and Kim repeatedly shout, “No,” and the crown is seen falling to the floor.

The next scene shows Kylie Jenner holding the axe and declaring, “There’s only one king in this kingdom. It’s King Kylie, bitches!”

The clip ends with Kylie singing triumphantly, “Rise and shine. The throne is mine.”

Season 2 of The Kardashians is streaming on Hulu.