Laid-back horror enthusiasts share the scariest movies with a ‘chill’ vibe

it follows
Image via RADiUS-TWC

Is there anything more relaxing than closing the curtains, turning out the lights, and unwinding under the blanket with a bag of popcorn and a scary movie? Of course, it helps if said movie presents a particular “chill” vibe that reminds you that monsters, ghouls, and goblins are nothing but fairytale lore — and that some horror movies showcase a heavy dose of melancholy that somehow keeps the viewer calm.

Over on r/horror, after user u/MidnightFlight requested that fellow Redditors suggest “chill” horror films like It Follows — which features an array of mellow undertones — horror fanatics jumped at the golden opportunity to list off a few worthy contenders.

One user quickly chimed in with Ti West’s The House of the Devil, and complemented its ‘80s vibe that keeps the pacing slow, but still keeps the viewer engaged.

Another user gave a clear shoutout to classic ‘70s horror by offering up The Wicker Man as an option, which, according to a handful of horror fans, somehow gives off a “comfy” vibe.

Several horror fans even put forth a few modern cult hits within the last few years, including Watcher (2022), Come True (2020), and Alive (2020).

On the other hand, some folks will argue that films within the horror umbrella never truly give off a “chill” vibe, and are instead often ridiculed for violence, gore, nudity, and language. Nevertheless, for those passionate horror praisers that believe in the genre’s originality — especially in a year like 2022 — horror movies will always provide a sense of comfortability and entertainment.