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Latest Marvel News: Jonathan Majors’ MCU return gets hyped up like never before as ‘Loki’ season 2 promises to avoid a major Marvel pitfall

And are we sure Brie Larson is starring in 'The Marvel?'

Screencap via Marvel Studios

Anyone else getting mental whiplash from everything that’s going with Jonathan Majors and his Marvel career of late? Setting aside the ongoing confusion surrounding his much-delayed legal trial, the studio has mostly been keeping quiet about all things Kang, but as we gear up for Loki season two premiering in just a few short weeks it seems we’re fully back on the Conqueror’s hype train. And speaking of things we’re confused about, Brie Larson’s definitely in The Marvels, right?

Don’t look now, but it seems Marvel wants us to be excited for Kang’s Multiverse Saga future again

Jonathan Majors as Victor Timely in 'Loki'
Screengrab via Marvel Studios

Shot long before his arrest and domestic violence charges, Majors is returning for Loki season two as a new Kang variant, Victor Timely, a character who has prominently featured in the trailers for the sophomore run of Tom Hiddleston’s Disney Plus series. And just to make sure we understand that Marvel isn’t letting what’s happening off screen affect what’s happening on it, showrunner Michael Waldron is hyping up Timely in a timely manner, promising that Marvel’s “very, very excited” about the new (kinda) villain. Does this mean we can infer that the studio remains committed to keeping Majors on as the Multiverse Saga’s big bad? Honestly, recent history has told us it’s best not to jump to conclusions with the MCU’s future.

Loki season two showrunner promises it’ll be the opposite of Doctor Strange 2… which he also wrote

Image via Marvel Studios

We all know that, in these past couple of Phases of the MCU specifically, Marvel has become increasingly obsessed with filling its projects with cameos and crossovers and connections to what’s to come in the franchise. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was a particularly egregious example. Well, apparently we can look forward to Loki season two avoiding this as aforementioned EP Waldron is promising Loki‘s new episodes will have the room to breathe without keeping one eye on the upcoming projects all the time. Which is encouraging, if a little ironic, coming from the guy who wrote MoM himself.

We don’t know who’s playing Captain Marvel, but it sure isn’t Brie Larson in this The Marvels poster

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel in 'The Marvels'
Screenshot via Marvel Studios

Certain scary corners of the internet might rejoice if Brie Larson actually was replaced as Captain Marvel, but I am here to assure you this has not happened and we can enjoy another cinematic outing for our Carol Danvers in this November’s The Marvels. And yet you wouldn’t know it by looking at this rather frightening theater standee which has apparently airbrushed Larson into oblivion. I mean, is this some other wrinkle of the actors’ strike we didn’t know about? That actors’ images can’t be used to promote movies either? Or is this just another case of Marvel’s perennially patchy posters working their magic again?

You might not want to bet on every single crazy Deadpool 3 cameo rumor happening, but it’s an easy win to wager that more Marvel updates will continue to drop daily.

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