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Latest ‘Yellowstone’ News: ‘1923’ star James Badge Dale says Harrison Ford reignited his passion for acting as Lilli Kay sheds light on Clara earning John Dutton’s trust

James Badge Dale is opening up about the magic he found in '1923' as Lili Kay talks about her character growing closer with John Dutton.

1923/james badge dale
James Badge Dale attends the Los Angeles Premiere of Paramount+'s "1923" at Hollywood American Legion on December 02, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.

It’s Friday, Yellowstone fans, and you know what that means: we’re all kicking back and relaxing after a long work week and dreaming of days at the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Taylor Sheridan’s growing universe is expanding.

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James Badge Dale says Harrison Ford gave him a meaningful gift

James Badge Dale feels blessed to have worked alongside Harrison Ford in Taylor Sheridan’s 1923, and he is singing Ford’s praises as an actor and a co-star on the series we’ve all fallen in love with over the last few weeks.

Few people know the ins and outs of the entertainment industry the way Harrison Ford does; he’s captivated audiences for decades, and as a film actor usually, we know what a rare treat it is to see his character flourish on a television series. We also know it’s an even sweeter treat to watch Jacob Dutton struggle and fight with all he’s got.

That very idea isn’t lost on Dale either, as he explains to Newsweek that Ford gave him a treat while working together in 1923, and it’s the most important gift he could have been given.

“Harrison gave me some things back, if I could say that. Working with him and seeing his passion reminds you of your passion. When you see his work ethic, it reminds you of your work ethic. The danger in this industry is getting lazy, but Harrison is here. He is present. He’s vibrant and he’s humble and grateful and he treats people with respect and dignity. He knows how precious this is because he worked really hard to get here.”

Ford did work very hard to achieve his level of stardom, and it’s not something he gloats about or flashes in your face; he inspires everyone from co-workers to fans because of his humble nature and the way he treats each day as a gift, one he feels lucky to be part of. While fans feel like the fortunate ones to see his transformation into Jacob Dutton, it’s nice to realize that he sees the work he gets to do as something treasured, and it indeed translates into his performances.

Lilli Kay opens up about Clara earning John Dutton’s trust in season five

Lilli Kay knows how special it is to be in John Dutton’s inner circle, not just to exist but to be a trusted member of it. It’s something she realizes so profoundly that she knows it’s also a very rare treat. Her character, Clara, is Governor John Dutton’s personal assistant, and she’s been quickly invited into the inner circle of the happenings and inner workings of those at the Yellowstone.

You might say, “well of course she is — she’s his assistant,” but dedicated viewers know that her position in his office doesn’t give her a free pass where the ranch is concerned. Speaking to Variety, Kay opens up about why she feels that Clara was able to earn John Dutton’s trust so easily.

“I was wondering that at first, because I thought, ‘How did she manage to sneak by this complete decapitation of the entire group?’ I honestly think it comes down to the fact that she has shown that she can hang, she can roll with him and that she’s not entirely put off by his unconventional approach to things. She’s willing to be flexible and I think she gets more and more flexible as the season progresses. But she’s shown that she can be leaned on and that she’s not going to try to get him to yield completely or change his approach; that appeals to him, for sure.”

The words “she can hang” seemingly sum it up perfectly; Clara can jump from working with John at the office to getting on the back of a horse and riding around the farm; she’s truly a multifaceted character, and she’s shown up in a significant way since she was introduced on the series.

With the happenings in the midseason finale of Yellowstone, we anticipate that it’ll be an even more intense situation when the show returns this summer and we find out if Cara might have been listening to an important conversation between John and Beth.

James Bade Dale sings Taylor Sheridan’s praises

James Badge Dale isn’t just talking about inspiration from Harrison Ford; he also feels lucky to have been influenced by the man behind the Yellowverse itself, Taylor Sheridan. If you ask anyone to describe Sheridan, something you’d hear a lot is the term hard working. He understands its value, sees its beauty, and lives his life by it.

Sheridan has several plates spinning at any given moment, and they’ve all got something significant on them. He’s working on several things at once, building different realms for the existing series that are sweeping audiences everywhere, and he’s got his own ranch to take care of too. As we said, he’s a busy guy, and Dale says there’s something incredible about experiencing that in person.

Continuing to chat with Newsweek, Dale said that Sheridan is an inspiration, and he felt lucky to be there to experience his incredible work ethic.

“It’s so epic. He was still writing while we were shooting, and he’s editing and he’s doing Yellowstone, and he’s getting 1883: Bass Reeves going. It’s inspiring. That type of work ethic and that type of passion is inspiring, and I got a little piece of it. It was a really nice way to end the year for me.”

Dale was brought into the 1923 realm as a character with an expiration date, allowing him to see the value of every moment he shared with the cast and crew. Playing John Dutton Sr. is quite an honor, the first in a lineage of men with that mighty name; he stands for something incredible, and his death is the event that spurs on the second half of 1923 and everything that comes next. While his death was undoubtedly untimely, it’s something Sheridan explained the importance of to him early on. So his time in the Yellowverse may have been shorter than anyone would have liked, but it was undeniably powerful.