Latest ‘Yellowstone’ News: A secret is revealed about the Beth Dutton bar brawl as the official trailer for ‘1923’ proves that the Duttons have always been ready for battle

Beth Dutton
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Happy Monday, all you Beth Duttons and Rip Wheelers out there. If you’re still existing in your Dutton family bubble, we don’t blame you. Yellowstone‘s fifth season has been packed with exciting and unexpected happenings so far, the latest episode making us as emotional as we anticipated due to the heartbreaking content it would undeniably touch upon. Monica and Kayce had the funeral for their son, John Dutton, and we learned more about some of our most beloved characters through it.

We also learned the words Hailey (the girl from the bar) spoke to Beth Dutton before she was hit over the head with a beer bottle and kneed in the face. Audiences who love Taylor Sheridan’s storytelling were also treated to the official full-length trailer for 1923 and a new song from Lainey Wilson. It goes without saying that it’s been a busy few days for Yellowstone fans, and we’ve got a lot to talk about. You know the drill from here: grab your Yellowstone-loving bestie and your favorite parka, and let’s ride in!

Hailey’s words to Beth Dutton are revealed

When the bar brawl broke out during Lloyd’s birthday celebration, we couldn’t call it a completely unexpected turn of events. It seems as if the ranch hands can sniff out trouble with the same ease that they rope and ride. Of course, it’s not always their fault because trouble also finds them when they least desire it. Lloyd’s birthday was supposed to be a break from the mundane for our favorite characters, and for a few moments, it was, but things soon came crashing down because of a woman’s disregard for Rip Wheeler’s advice.

No one can blame her for being drawn to him, he’s sort of like the flame to a moth, but when he told Hailey that he was married, she didn’t quit; instead, she said that she would talk to Rip’s wife about it. He urged her to stay away, but she waltzed up to Beth with a smirk on her face, and there was no way that she would be getting away with that. Cameras flashed to Rip telling Lloyd it was time to pack it up, and the next thing we know: Beth hit Hailey over the head with a bottle and kneed her directly in the face.

We knew something had to have transpired between them, but we weren’t sure what it was. Fans have now learned that what Hailey told Beth was, well, not on the list of things you should say if you wish not to be hit over the head when talking to someone.

“I’m taking your husband home. You can come with us and watch, or he can tell you about it tomorrow.”

We’re not saying that Beth handled things in the most rational way, but we’re also not saying that Hailey had any right at all to speak to her in that manner. When Jamie spoke with Hailey, he was singing the same tune and even told Hailey that the way she talked to Beth could be considered threatening in itself. Their conversation placated her, at least for now, but we have a feeling we’ve yet to see the last of Hailey.

The trailer for 1923 is everything we could have hoped for

The official trailer for 1923 dropped during the fourth episode of Yellowstone’s fifth season, and it’s everything we could have hoped for. Helen Mirren plays a strong woman in Cara Dutton, Jacob Dutton’s wife, and the family’s prominent powerhouse. She is brave and courageous, ready to attack when it’s called for, and even when it’s not, and she’s unafraid to stand up against anyone who stands in the way of herself or her family.

Harrison Ford is also powerful as the rugged first line of defense against anyone who would dare hurt those he loves the most or try to take his land. There are several reasons that the Duttons are so connected with their land, and we’re excited to find out more about Jacob’s personal story on the Yellowstone and why it was such an important journey for his branch of the family. Of course, as the husband and father, he has a sense of responsibility to protect them, but it’s evident quickly that there’s more to it than that.

Fans of Yellowstone realize the importance of a promise, and as Beth and John have both made them, vowing to disrupt any storm that braves their path, we have a feeling that Jacob will make a promise of his own when 1923 debuts this December, and we can’t want to see what it is. Up against lawlessness, an early depression, and thieves, the Dutton family has a long fight ahead of them, but the trait is in their blood. They’ve got to be firm in every decision they make, even the subconscious ones because weakness is in line with certain death as far as they’re concerned.

1923 kicks off on Dec. 18 on Paramount Plus, and you won’t want to miss this Yellowstone prequel.

Lainey Wilson debuts a new Yellowstone tune

Singer-songwriter Lainey Wilson isn’t just a voice on the Yellowstone soundtrack; she’s an actress on the series who gets to play a role that’s almost entirely herself. When she stepped onto the set in season five, it was evident that fans would love what she brought to the table, which rings even more true when we realized that Wilson and Sheridan had been friends for some time.

Wilson is singing her own songs on Yellowstone, and a new one took center stage in the most recent episode. “New Friends” from her latest album was playing when Jamie and Sarah were getting to know one another at the bar, and while we’re not quite sure they’re the kind of new friends we were hoping for, it was the perfect time to add Wilson’s talented vocal abilities to the mix. She’s not just playing Abby on the series this season, kissing boys and flirting with the handsome cowboy, Ryan, and giving us something new to love about the series.

Soundtracks and music picked for television can often make or break the fan experience; we want songs that fit into what we’re watching, and Wilson fits perfectly into the Yellowstone realm. We can’t wait to see more of Abby as season five drives on, and we know we’re not the only ones.

If you’re looking for more Yellowstone, don’t forget to stream 1883 on Paramount Plus before the Dec. 18 debut of 1923. You won’t want to miss a second of the exciting Dutton family story and meet all the characters who bring them peace, love, and turmoil.