Latest ‘Yellowstone’ News: Cole Hauser teases a new western as fans talk about a pivotal season 3 moment

Beth and Rip: Beginning to Happily Ever After
Paramount via Yellowstone YouTube

Happy Sunday, Yellowstone fans, and welcome to our final weekend recap in October for Taylor Sheridan’s growing universe. We’ve officially hit a critical mark in the countdown to season 5, and it couldn’t have come at a perfect time. We were also given a new snapshot from Cole Hauser on another western-centric project.

In earlier days this week, fans were treated to news about 1923 and Yellowstone, so the weekend is wrapping up with less excitement and more room to soak it all in. Without further ado, we’re riding into the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch for a lot of fan chatter today — and we’re happy to lead you in. 

Cole Hauser is dressed to the nines in a new snap

Cole Hauser shared a picture from an upcoming project that we’re still very much in the dark about. Hauser shouts out his Yellowstone co-stars Forrie J. Smith and Mo Brings Plenty in the caption, “Dead Man’s Hand coming to ya in 2023. Thx gents!”

A term common in the Poker realm, a dead man’s hand, leads us to believe that the film will somehow deal with card playing, gun-slinging, and all of the best parts of the western-style storytelling we know and love.

We’re keeping our eyes and ears wide open for new information, and we’ll let you know more the second that we do. We’re sure that if those three are teaming up for a new project together, it will be a must-see.

The countdown to season 5 reaches a huge milestone 

We’re officially two weeks away from the season 5 premiere of Yellowstone, and after waiting for months to see what happens next for the Dutton family, it’s a huge moment. 

For a quick recap: when we last left the Duttons, we’d seen a lot of change taking place across the fourth season, some of it exciting and some of it heart-wrenching. A sense of solace was gone when we first revisited our characters after the turn of events at the end of the third season — the start of the fourth season also brought a lot of turmoil. 

From John Dutton’s life hanging in the balance to Beth Dutton being almost burned alive, we weren’t sure what the fate would be for our father-daughter pair. As last season picked up with Kayce being near-fatally wounded, too — we were lucky not to have lost any of them permanently. 

While we didn’t lose any of them, they did lose a sense of safety, and that loss impacted the behavior of everyone at the ranch as we worked through the events taking place in each episode. So when the exciting fifth season premieres next month, we know we’ll be in for quite a wild ride.

John Dutton is swearing in as governor with Beth acting as his chief of staff; Jamie is on the payroll somehow, but we’ve yet to be clued into his role. We see that the ranch hands are bringing new firepower to the ranch in a big way, and to top it all off, Market Equities is showing no signs of slowing down in dethroning the Duttons. 

Kayce Dutton also went on his emotional vision quest that had fans everywhere questioning the future of our favorite family, but amid the heartache, there were bright moments. We saw Beth and Rip’s wedding and realized that Kayce and Monica were again expecting. 

We also saw Carter getting more comfortable at the ranch, Rip and Lloyd standing together as the groom and best man, and we saw a new version of Jimmy after spending time at the 6666 Ranch in Texas. That part of the season also gave us one of our favorite guest-star bits in the show so far — Barry Corbin!

The fourth season set us up for an intense playing field in the upcoming episodes; we are ready. 

New viewers are discussing that season 3 moment 

Long-time fans of our favorite cowboy drama know that Jamie and Beth are at odds for several reasons but that there was most definitely a point of unraveling early in their relationship. 

So just what caused the stress in their bond? Why were the siblings so full of distrust in one another? It was, in large, because of a decision Jamie made for Beth when she asked him for help. However, as the tensions continued growing, fans who had yet to see the episode in the third season that explains it all were slightly confused. 

A question shared on Reddit wondered if they missed something along the way.

Fans quickly told them they were on the right path; they just needed to wait a little longer. 

Another few fans began discussing the mechanics of the way Beth treats Jamie without giving anything away so that the OP could discover it on their own.

Some think that the way Beth treats Jamie is callous, but several others believe that he took away something major for her and he didn’t even give his sister a moment to think for herself. As one comment shares, we’re unsure of her decision, but at least if it had been the same ultimate choice, she’d have been able to have a say in it herself.

Some still hold out hope for a reconciliation between the siblings, but others believe that ship has set sail for good.

Yellowstone rewind: season 3, episode 6

In the sixth episode, “All For Nothing,” some well-kept secrets are exposed as a search gets underway for a missing teenager who lives on the reservation. The hunt kicks into high gear when Kayce is recruited to help them figure out where she is. Sila is the family’s oldest daughter, and they’re desperate to get her back. However, it’s soon revealed that the search came to a tragic end. 

Monica feels a deep pain in realizing that Sila is no longer alive, further separating her from the Dutton family mentally. Of course, her heart is torn as she understands both ways of life, even if she doesn’t agree with one of them. 

Jamie gets an offer to work for Market Equities in this episode, and it comes at a time when Beth decides to finally tell John why she loathes her brother with such passion and disdain. This inspires John to see Jamie in a new light, and it’s certainly not a rose-colored one. 

Oh, and for those who love the barrel racers, there are many moments with them in the episode too. We also see Lloyd growing closer to Laramie, which plants seeds for a specific future storyline. However, we’ll not dive further into that for now — uncovering it once was painful enough. 

Yellowstone‘s fifth season kicks off on Nov. 13, and we can’t wait to see it.